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About Us

        Autotools Marketing Company was formed in 2004, being incorporated to public limited company on 8th January 2022 now known as Autotools Sdn Bhd . Today, Autotools is the  is one of the most progressive and reputable tools and equipment retail, distributor and after sales service provider nationwide.

      We supply world leading tools such as Jonnesway, Blue-Point, Rotary Lift, Snap-On Tools and Equipment Cartec (Brake Tester), Herrmann Lifts, Keen Space Workbench, DEA Italian Worklab, Car-O-Liner (Body Repair Equipment), Spanesi (Body Repair Equipment) and others equipment.


      Our customers ranges from automotive industry as well as oil & gas. Our consumable include Liqui Moly Motor Oil and Additives, ThreeBond Adhesives, Lubricant & Undercoat and recently we have brought in TOA sandpapers to our product list.


       With years of experience providing services for our valuable customers, we are dedicated to provide the highest quality product with the best service to maintain safe workshop environment while minimizing equipment failures and maintain cost efficiency. We have earned and maintained good reputation with workshop development, upgrade and maintenance.

       Autotools Sdn Bhd is built on an extraordinary team of people who are dedicated to product and distribution excellence to grow our customers’ business. Our maintenance team has been trained and accredited as certified technician.

      Over the course of the last 18 years, we have developed a core competency around keeping things simple and making work easier for our staffs and customers.

      The nucleus to this operation is our team of extraordinary people who are dedicated to product and after-sales service excellence and absolutely GROWING our customers businesses.

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