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A Response to COVID-19 from Autotools Marketing Co.

To say that it has been a concerning few months is an understatement. As the situation with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to develop, we wanted to take a moment to share how we respond because we believe that nothing is more important than the health and safety of everyone. And the need to protect those most vulnerable in our communities is our obligation.

As people draw closer to home, and industries across the world adopt remote work strategies, close shops, or reduce hours of operation to mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus, you can rest assured that Autotools is operating as normal – doing our part to keep supply chains and service moving. 

We’re here. We’re safe. And we’re here to serve you.

All our team members have been observing safety measures to ensure ongoing operations. The steps we are taking will support the isolation needed to either beat or substantially slow down the spread of the Coronavirus while enabling us to maintain full operational status.

Masks have been made available with the COVID-19 emergence, and our teams are disinfecting surfaces multiple times a day to keep staff and customers safe.

There will be substantial short term impact and pain for all of us in Brunei and around the world. But I am very positive and hopeful that the necessary step of self-isolation, combined with limited social exposure, is going to bring the desired outcome of a return to normalcy.

Stock What You Need. Leave What You Don’t.

Up to this point, the primary shortages of products in the stores have been related to only what is on the shelves… not the actual supply. You can see that stores are only closing early and limiting regular hours so they can have more time to restock. I’d encourage everyone to offer compassion and consideration to others by not depleting the resources we all need to share.

We will get through this by being our best selves in this unprecedented generational event. We can beat this collectively – now is the time to use good judgment and take the necessary steps to keep our families, friends, and each other safe.

I appreciate everyone at Autotools. The team here is amazing, and we consider ourselves lucky to have each and every person on board. I find inspiration from their positive attitudes, flexibility, and courage as we move into uncharted territory with a can-do attitude and spirit.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. And please remember, we’re all in this together.

– Management of Autotools Marketing Company

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